Privacy Policy

    Filtermart Company Limited (“Company”) realizes the importance of the personal information security and shall keep information received from you confidential and safe by applying this privacy policy to prevent damages that may occur to you. Therefore, the company implements privacy policy to protect the security of your personal information as follows.

    Use of Information

    Information you disclose to, including name, address, e-mail address, purchasing or payment information may be used to improve and promote marketing services, develop services of this website for your satisfaction and maximum benefit. In addition, reserves the right to use your information for data analysis at any time.

    Information Security

    • Personal information you provided or used through the processing of the computer controlling operations of the website, you acknowledge and agree that the rights and ownership belongs to However, guarantee that your personal information shall be kept confidential and safe.
    • For the security of information, you should strictly follow the terms and conditions of this website use. For general users, accessing their information requires a member username and password that issued by only.
    • In case such personal information has been hacked by electronic means was lost or damaged due to force majeure in any case,, on behalf of Filtermart Company Limited, reserves the right to disclaim all liability for all damage.
    • For transmitting information and accepting credit card payments via internet connected to the bank through advanced security system to international standards, your credit card information is stored by the bank only, without information stored by database of

    Correction, Amendment and Deletion of Information

    • You can edit, update, change your personal information by yourself using a member username and password that issued to access your personal information.
    • You are the only person accessible to your personal information and you are the only person who can edit, amend, add or delete such information using your own member username and password. recommend to you keep your username and password confidential. shall not ask your password at any cases. In case you share a computer with others, please log out every time when not using the website or close the browser when finish working to prevent others from accessing your information that may cause you damage.
    • You shall be responsible for any actions under your member username and password. The company shall not be liable if you share your account and password with others.

    Disclosure of Information to Third Parties respect the right of privacy, therefore your information that received, by principle shall only be used for the purposes of this website. Your information shall not be disclosed except for authorized employees and except the below:
    • Your consent is received.
    • It is legal to disclose information for the benefit of an investigation or a hearing.
    • It is required by law or by order of the relevant government agency.