Conditions of Product Change / Return and Refund

    Product change, return and refund is eligible as per conditions and within the specified date below, otherwise the company reserves the right to change / return the product in every case.

    Condition of Product Change

    1. In case product change request within 14 days, product value is 100%.

    2. In case product change request within 30 days, product value of 50%.

    Conditions of product return and refund (Under warranty period)

    1. Customers shall make a request for product return and refund within 14 days from the date of purchase and / or the date received product in possession. Refund considerations as follows;

      1. In case problems caused by the product itself, the refund is 100% of the amount in the bill.

      2. In case problems is not caused by the product, but from the reason that the customer wants to return the product and the filter was used, the deduction in the cost of membrane filter or the filter element of the product to be calculated be deducting from the amount of the bill.

    Any product issues or for further information, please contact Call Center at Tel. 02-978-9000.