Terms and Conditions of Website Use


    Filtermart Company Limited (“the Company”) has created this website for the purpose of online purchasing of products and services for users. Therefore, users shall read and abide by the terms and conditions of website use for your own benefits. Due to the fact that the company has a policy to develop and improve the website service continuously, these terms and conditions thus may be amended from time to time. The company require you to review this policy periodically. Any actions on this website is considered that users acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as stated, and as amended in the future and according to laws. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

    Intellectual Property Rights Regulations

    • The company hereby inform users that under the protection of intellectual property rights such as text, photos, videos, images, audio, content, trademarks, service mark, trade name, presentation, information and any components appeared on this website, all these are legally the rights of the company solely and are protected by the intellectual property law of Thailand.
    • Any person imitates, fakes, reproduces, adapts, publishes publicly by selling, renting or doing any act in a manner of commercial exploitation or improper taking advantages from the aforementioned intellectual property as without written permission from the company, the company shall take legal action against violators. The right to use this website is to terminates immediately, once user break any terms of the agreement of website use.

    Product Descriptions and Image Colors

    Baankrongnam.com website has presented product description as a component for customers to consider purchasing products and services. It cannot be confirmed that the product description shall be free of any errors. if you are unsure or need further information, please contact Baankrongnam Call Center at Tel. 02-978-9000 before deciding to purchase any products and services. The website Baankrongnam.com has an intention to display product images in accurate colors, however the colors displayed on your monitor may be distorted according to different computer screen settings.

    Registration and User Account

    1. Baankrongnam.com website is only available to registered users as members and users can purchase products or participate in various promotional activities held on the website.
    2. For membership registration with the website Baankrongnam.com, the registrant must provide the most accurate, complete and up to date personal information. In case of further change, registrants shall keep information up to date.
    3. For membership registration and order products or services from the website, users must be 18 years of age or over.
    4. Each user is allowed to own only one user account. Violation of any conditions may result in the suspension of the user account, promotion eligibility or any other benefits and may be prosecuted according to civil and criminal law.

    Terms of Sale and Products Purchase

    1. The purchase of products and services shall be considered complete when user have paid for the products and services in full as indicated including accepting terms and conditions as registered member of the website of this company. The price and any promotions. (promotional activities) offered is to be used only for purchasing on Baankrongnam.com website and cannot be used for any purchase at the Company's branches.
    2. After the purchase, products will be delivered to you according to the conditions of delivery.
    3. Prices indicated on Baankrongnam.com website does not include installation service fees which may incur additional installation fee.
    4. Installation service shall meet the standard requirements of Baankrongnam.com in which the standard and service charge appears for each product type.

    Terms of Payment

    Products and services payment is available in the following ways
    1. Cash on delivery with installation
    2. Transfer to bank account
    3. Pay at counter service
    4. Pay by banking channel
    5. Pay by credit / debit card

    Terms of Delivery

    1. Products delivery within 3 working days from the date of payment.
    2. Free delivery service within 20 kilometers from the service center nearest to the installation location.
    3. For distance over 20 kilometers from the service center, delivery fee is 15 baht per kilometer.

    Cancellation Caused by Mistake

    1. In case of any mistake resulting in having different information from the first time on the purchase of products and services such as incomplete or incorrect product description etc., the company has the full right to cancel the order at any time and in case the company has received the payment, the company will refund the full amount paid to the user within 14 days from the cancellation date.
    2. In case any promotional content or information used particularly during a specified period ("Special Terms") conflicts with any terms and conditions of service policy specified on the website Baankrongnam.com, please adhere to the terms and conditions of service use that appear in Special Terms first. Special Terms shall be deemed complete and separate from the main policy terms of the website. Baankrongnam.com

    Rules, Regulations and Etiquettes of Website Use

    1. When using other applications on this website, the application may ask for user’s permission to access your content and information, including content and information that others share with you. The agreement that user bide with the application shall determine how the application store and transfer its content and information. The company shall not be involved in any acknowledgment.
    2. When user publishes content or information with public settings, that means user allows everyone including third parties to access and use the information and link it with you.
    3. The company shall not be responsible for any content that you have made public (including forums, information pages of website, chat room, or any public area whichever appears on the website). The company is not obliged to agree and is not affiliated with any content (which user or other users have commented on) The company reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove your content or comments without prior notice. If the content or comments has an intention or doubt that they are;
    • Defamatory, insulting, abusive, threatening, offensive messages or content to other users or third parties.
    • Presentation, publishing of any message or content in obscene way or contrary to any law.
    • Publishing or uploading files containing viruses, files or software or any program that result in abnormal operation, causing damage to the operation of the Company's website and / or computer system including the network of third parties.
    • Violation of copyright laws, computer trademark and / or other laws of Thailand or other countries, including the infringement of the Company's intellectual property rights or third parties.
    • Presentation of advertising messages or content for public relations with an intention to compete with companies or compete for the company's customers.

    The company welcomes your comments or suggestions. The company can utilize those comments or suggestions without any obligation rewarding for such information


    • Purchasing products and services or any transaction occurred on the Company's website, whether it is done by yourself or you assigned to a person or a person falsely uses your password to purchase products and services or any transaction whether by your intention or caused by your negligence, shall be deemed that such action is completely correct. In case damage occurs for any reason, users, as the owner of the password, shall continue to be responsible for such transaction without any disputes or claims for the company to be responsible for compensation for you in any way.
    • Subject to the terms and conditions of website use, in case you bring another person's credit card to make payment for products or service fees without permission of the credit card holder, including inaccurate or wrong payments for products or services, or not in accordance with the true intention of the credit card holder, when the company receives a dispute from the credit card holder or from the bank that issued the credit card causing the company to not receive payment for products or services or unable to charge service charges from the credit card holder or from the bank that issued the credit card, you as a service user, shall be responsible for the product or services and other damages fee occurred in all respects. The company has the right to prosecute you according to the law up to enforce debt payment and damages including interest as stipulated by law.
    • The company reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions at any time during the service period without prior notice. Users agree to review this policy periodically. The continued use of this website after such terms and conditions changed, the company deemed that you have accepted aforementioned changes.

    Compensation for Damages

    You, as a user, accept to compensate and protect the company (or every employee of the company, company management, product manufacturers, subsidiaries, joint ventures and legal partners) from any claims including reasonable attorney's fees, damages and lost expenses, expenses, damages, and all costs resulting from breach of these terms and conditions and / or special terms or other actions related to the member's account due to neglect or willful act of violation of the law.