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    PURE Water Purifier Model KT RO


    - Guaranteed for 3 years

    - Electrical equipment and spare parts are 1 Year Warranty

    - Water Filter 1 Month Warranty


    Suitable for medium-large families with a condition of tap water or groundwater or brackish water with a concentration not exceeding 1,000 PPM


    4-stage RO filtration system

    1. Coarse filter element (PP)

    Filtration fineness of 10 microns made of synthetic polymer traps gravel, sand, rock, mud, and suspended solids contaminated with water such as rust and dust.

    2. Activated Carbon (AC) Filter

    Filter resolution of 0.3 microns to absorb chemicals, odors, colors, and residual chlorine, including heavy metals such as lead, copper, pesticides, detergents, and hydrocarbons (Carcinogens) effectively by 99.99%

    3. RO Membrane Filter Cartridge 0.0001 micron. Filtration resolution of 0.0001 microns for effectively filtering brackish water and high hardness water to an aqueous solution.

    4. Post-Activated Carbon (PAC) Filter

    is effectively absorbs chemicals, odors, colors, residual chlorine, and toxic substances such as pesticides, detergents, and hydrocarbons (carcinogens).

    Highlight Features PURE รุ่น KT RO

    Product information

    Size (mm.) 320 (a) X230 (Y) X420 (S)
    Product weight 14.13 kg
    Filter rate 15 liters/h
    Lifespan 3 months - 1 year
    Equivalent The age of 7,500 liters of filter is compared to a 600 cc bottle with 12,500 bottles.
    Usage Drinking water
    Water type Water supply, groundwater or brackish water
    Number of family members 6-10
    Filter type RO
    Number of filters 4 steps
    Product warranty 3 -year warranty, 1 month warranty filter, electrical equipment, tap set, Manual system, 1 year warranty
    Installation cost free

    The filtration process provides clean water and contaminants-free.

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