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filter set 574

3-stage filtration system

1. Polyethylene (PE) filter cartridge

Filtering resolution of 0.3 microns to filter suspended solids. and bacteria contaminated with water efficiently

2. Resin filter (RE)

Soften the condition of hard water And help trap heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury contaminated in the soil.

3. Activated carbon filter (AC)

Filtration resolution 03 microns, absorbing chemicals, odor, color, residual chlorine, including heavy metals such as lead, copper, pesticides, detergents, hydrocarbons. (carcinogens) effectively 99.99%

*Filter lifetime 6-12 months

*** Note the efficiency and service life of the water filter. And various devices depending on the conditions of use, maintenance cleaning Including depending on the amount of water used. and quality of filtered raw water

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