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Promotion - 1 Jul 2024
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฿1,490 ฿990
People should drink water a day 3 liter/day
Compare the amount of bottled water you buy 1,095 bottle/year
by evaluating the purchase of bottled water 1 liter at the price of 12 baht per bottle
amount 1,095 x 12 = 13,140 baht/year
"When you buy this water purifier for the price 990 baht
Save you 13,140 expenses - 990 = 12,150 baht / year"
***The calculation is only a preliminary estimate

when buying a water purifier today

There will be an officer on call. to schedule an installation date
- Estimated technician entering installation service date: 29 June 2567
- After 6 months, estimate the technician to check the filter on the date: 24 December 2567
- After 1 year, it is estimated that the technician has entered the service to change the filter on the date: 24 June 2568
***It's just a preliminary estimate
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pure 572

Product details

PURE Water purifier 2-pipe, 2-stage at affordable price (1 Year Warranty)
• Filters 99.99% of germs with a fine filter of 0.3 microns.
• Filters out odors, colors, chlorine, and carcinogens.
• Special with Microban from USA which can inhibit the growth of germs and fungi.

- Easy to install, convenient to use, with instruction manual and installation video
- Suitable for tap water and groundwater conditions
- The filter is certified by the United States NSF
- Can filter 1500 liters of water / day
- Filter life 10,000 liters or 1 year

Filtering process
1. Micro Filter 0.3 Micron, 0.3 micron filter can filter 99.99% of germs.
2. Activated Carbon Block, compressed carbon filter, removes odor, color, chlorine, chemicals, lead and carcinogens.
Microban substances, the copyrighted PURE Water Purifier, can inhibit the growth of germs and mold.



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Product information

Size (mm.) 280(W)x125(L)x340(H)
Product weight 2.83 kg.
filter rate 100-120 liters/hr.
Filter life 3 months - 1 year
Equivalent Filtration life of 8,000 liters, compared to 13,333 bottles of 600 cc.
use drinking water
water type tap water
number of family members 6-10
filtering type Micro filter
filtering process 2 steps
Product Warranty 3 year warranty on the machine, 1 month warranty on the filter, 1 year warranty on the electrical equipment, manual system taps.
Installation cost 300 baht

The filtration process provides clean water and contaminants-free.

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