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Promotion - 1 Jul 2024
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฿1,199 ฿999
People should drink water a day 3 liter/day
Compare the amount of bottled water you buy 1,095 bottle/year
by evaluating the purchase of bottled water 1 liter at the price of 12 baht per bottle
amount 1,095 x 12 = 13,140 baht/year
"When you buy this water purifier for the price 999 baht
Save you 13,140 expenses - 999 = 12,141 baht / year"
***The calculation is only a preliminary estimate

when buying a water purifier today

There will be an officer on call. to schedule an installation date
- Estimated technician entering installation service date: 29 June 2567
- After 6 months, estimate the technician to check the filter on the date: 24 December 2567
- After 1 year, it is estimated that the technician has entered the service to change the filter on the date: 24 June 2568
***It's just a preliminary estimate
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pure baby face

product details
Pure Baby Face Water Purifier is suitable for those who love healthy skin. Easy to install and use, easy to carry, eliminates odor, color, chlorine, dust, and moisturizes the skin. Combining Mycoban to reduce bacteria in the water does not cause acne.

  Filters the color caused by organic substances, can filter odor, color, chlorine, as well as various toxins such as pesticides, detergents, hydrocarbons. (carcinogens) effectively
***Filter has a lifespan of 3-6 months (depending on the water condition before filtering and maintenance).
***Note: Remove the plastic covering the filter before every use.

Product size (mm.) : 58 x 84x 307 (WxDxH)
Weight (g.) : 475
Minimum water inlet pressure: 1 Bar
Maximum inlet pressure: 3 Bar

Equipment inside the box
1. Baby Face cleansing filter
2. A set of rubber to connect the faucet.
3. Faucet adapter wrench
4.Faucet adapter
5. Double-sided adhesive sheet
6. Baby Face filter
7.Inlet faucet
8. Shower head
*** Remarks: rubber pads or O-rings at various points Rotate tightly to prevent water leakage, the base of the Baby Face facial filter can be attached to a flat surface with a double-faced spread. (included in the kit) to use as a stand

How to use
1. Twist the faucet up. To use the Baby Face cleansing filter
2. Turn on the sink faucet. to use water through the Baby Face face wash filter
3. Can use the Baby Face facial cleansing filter both on the floor. or can be lifted to use

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Product information

The filtration process provides clean water and contaminants-free.

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